Family Newsletter of Our Lady of Good Counsel

Dear Families,

 What a wonderful first 2 weeks we have had here at Religious Education. Classes are under way and moving along smoothly.

 Just a few reminders I would like to go over.

 Please remember that only someone over the age of 18 and only the names of those on the dismissal form may sign a child out. Please do not send in siblings to pick up others. 

 Also starting this week Monday, September 30th due to growing safety concerns when dropping off children and picking up please use the door at the bottom of the ramp. We cannot be opening multiple doors. Therefore, no one will be entering either of the side gym doors. By using one door to enter we have a better handle on who is entering the building. We will have support staff directing all students. 

 As we look ahead to the month of October please remember there are no classes the week of October 14th.  

We have a very exciting and rewarding year ahead of us.

Many blessings,

Cynthia Robinson

Catechetical Leader