Fall Newsletter - Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

            We Walk in Truth and Justice this year and one of the best ways we can walk more smoothly is to explore the attitudes of Jesus.  Family Life, 2017-2018, will more fully develop these “Beatitudes” as we break open the Gospel stories of Jesus which will include the Sermon on the Mount,  The Our Father Teaching which Jesus gave us, and the Birds of the Air.  We are indeed both salt of the earth and light of the world if we can follow in Jesus’ footsteps by “acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly with our God.”  (Micah 6)

            Franciscan priest Richard Rohr writes, “When you have a free group of people who love truth more than themselves, then you have a taste of the kingdom of God entering into this world.”  May the freedom of truth and justice enable us to make the kingdom of God a reality in our lives here and now. We are asking to “serve God’s world and in so doing, letting go of what can tie us down.  That is the ultimate meaning of the word forgiving:  handing it over before it is taken from us.  We must fore-give all things!”  (Jesus Plan for A New World:  The Sermon on the Mount, Pg. 110 and 112, St. Anthony Messenger Press)    

Welcome back to another year that we know will once again be graced by the love of God.  May this unconditional love continue to infuse our families, catechists, priests, staff and one another.  We are blessed by you and the presence of your children among us.  How do we know this?  Because we love what we do here at Our Lady’s Parish and enjoy sharing faith with all of you!  We even a have brand new website to help us more fully communicate on the year’s journey.  Gratitude is extended to all of our dedicated catechists who, once again, have stepped forward to teach the faith to our parish children.  We warmly welcome all the new members of our catechetical faculty this year and ask you to support them as you do each with a generous spirit of cooperation and good will. May the Lord continue to bless us as we begin 2017-2018!  Be assured of my daily songprayers at the 9:00 AM Mass as together we keep one another in prayer. 


“God, Bless Our Family”

Today, and every day, let this quiet, tender moment of Our Lord’s own family touch our hearts

and change our lives.  God, bless our family.  Make it like the family of your Son.

May our moments of sorrow give way to seasons of joy.

May the memory of harsh words fade before the warmth of a loving touch.

May there never be pain that a kind embrace cannot lessen.

May the tears of sorrow always be replaced by the music of laughter.

May resentment be banished from our home and forgiveness reign in our hearts.

Today and every day, let the only living thing that is stronger than the love that binds our family together

 be your love, O God, which makes all creation one.

Let it be, God, until that day when your gentle guidance brings each of us

 to our eternal home and your loving arms. Amen.  

(Rev. Paul J. Keller, CMF)


 Dr. Linda M. Dix, Director of Religious Education