On January 22, 2019:  Steve Lucasi was honored for Thirty Years in Parish with the following presentation at our annual Catechist Dinner:

In a book entitled Soul Seeing,  there is a story about seeing the music of life. It illustrates life’s meaning and the influence music has in a universal language that touches our “senses,  our hearts, and our souls as some of the greatest sounds and songs of life impact us when we need them the most.” 

Steve’s music impacted all of us at Sabbath liturgies, weddings, funerals, Feast Days, children’s liturgies, and sacraments, as organist, choir director, and cantor.  Steve’s musical groups in addition to the adult and children’s choirs,  included the Laudate Chorale,  which this year in October raised $1000.00 for St. Vincent de Paul as part of a local outreach to help those in need. 

Rarely, does a church Music Director serve in a parish for thirty years, but Steve has done so faithfully.  Life here never stops and neither did Steve.  I was particularly grateful for his professionalism, his friendship as a colleague, and his musical companionship on the journey here these many years.  He understood the meaning of creativity and when I brought an idea to him, even in the potter’s shop of Italy on tour with his choir and Father Damian, he understood it and instantly wrote a song in the shop about it. Steve was always writing music, creating, singing, and in those moments, praying for he was a true liturgical musician. 

Martin Buber has written, “As human beings,  we either learn to work together, or we die.”  Because Steve understood the meaning of cooperation and collaboration,  life in ministry as a staff member at Our Lady of Good Counsel thrived! He was in the words of the Little Prince,  “unique in all the world.”  His unique giftedness and presence will be sorely missed in Our Lady’s Parish.  Music here will never, ever be the same without him. 

“ Well done, good and faithful servant.”  May Steve rest in peace.  Amen.  

---Dr. Linda M. Dix,  Director of Religious Education

A donation to Food for the Poor, as requested by his family,  will be given in Steve’s memory by the Office of Religious Education staff.  I  will present it directly to the President of Food for the Poor, Nakhle Hado, in Jamaica at Easter with the parish mission team.  I want them to know how generous Steve and his family truly are!