Update on Campus Renovations

Engineering Study for New Parking Lot on Church Street (south of the current lot):  The Parish acquired 115 S. Church Street (which is adjacent to the church/school parking lot) last June.  Having had the house there torn down our intent is to create additional parking and an additional exit from our main parking lot.    To control the traffic flow in and out of our property,  the driveway between the Heritage House and Quinn House will become a one-way entrance into the parking lot area. The entrance on the side of the church near the Early Childhood Center will continue to be a one-way entrance into the parking lot. Parishioners can both enter and exit the parking lot from W. Prospect Avenue (the street on which the school is located).  Currently, an engineering study is being conducted of the area’s traffic flow and a drainage plan is being designed for the new Church Street parking lot.

Renovations to the Church:  As a result of our Faith to Move Mountains fund-raising campaign, we are planning to redesign and renovate the church. Fr. Damian has ordered a new altar and ambo which should be completed and installed during the summer. The existing altar will be used as a Credence Table after being reduced in size.

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