Pro-Life Activities


“All life has inestimable value even the weakest and most vulnerable, the sick, the old, the unborn and the poor, are masterpieces of God’s creation, made in his own image, destined to live forever, and deserving of the utmost reverence and respect.”

— Pope Francis, Message to Catholics taking part in annual Day for Life in Britain and Ireland July 28, 2013

Helping the Special Olympics

Do you have old trophies in your attic and no idea what to do with them? Stephen Paul, who heads Special Olympics at Bancroft School, refurbishes donated trophies so that they can be reused to recognize every participating child with a trophy at the annual school banquet. He labels each with the child’s individual gift to the team.

Please call Pat Bakley (856-235-7972) who will arrange pickup for her son Stephen. God bless you for your thoughtfulness toward these special athletes.

Planned Parenthood: A Statement by Bishop O’Connell

Please click this link to read Bishop O’Connell’s statement on the revelations contained in videos linking Planned Parenthood to the “harvesting” and sale of organs from the remains of the children they abort.

Volunteers Needed

1st Way of Burlington County, a pro-life Crisis Preganancy Center, located at 215 S. Sunset Road, Willingboro, is in desperate need of volunteers.  If you can spare 2-4 hours a week, it will help keep the agency’s doors open so it can continue to provide diapers, formula, and layettes as well as new and used clothing free of charge to poor mothers and their babies.   If you can help, please call Karen Pierce (an OLGC parishioner) at 856-722-9418 or (cell) 609-206-6250.

NOTE: By the beginning of May 2016, 1st Way will be relocating to 500 High Street in Burlington City from its Willingboro location.   Volunteers are still urgently needed–anyone who can commit two hours a week to help poor mothers and their children.

Help with Crisis Pregnancies

24 Hour Pregnancy Hotline Numbers

  1. National Life Services 1-800-848-LOVE
  2. Abba Crisis Pregnancy Center 1-800-548-LIFE (Palmyra)
  3. Se Habla Espanol 24 horas de servicio de emergencia para mujeres embarazadas 1-877-675-5900

Local Help

  1. Options – free ultrasound and pregnancy tests: 1500 N. Kings Hwy. Ste.110, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034     1-877-9NO-WAIT or 856-795-0048
  2. Alpha Pregnancy Services 215-545-HOPE
  3. First Way 609-854-8100 (Collingswood)

Homes for Pregnant Women

  1. Good Counsel Homes (will pick you up) 1-800-723-8331, Riverside 856-393-8169
  2. Several Sources Foundation 1-800-662-2678
  3. Guiding Star Ministries Home 215-924-2876


Catholic Charities 1-800-CARE-002

God has a plan for your baby…maybe His plan is for a childless couple to raise the baby.  You can meet and choose the adoptive parents.  God knows and loves your unborn baby.  Abortion ends in pain and death.  (Your baby’s heart is beating on day 21).  You may thing that abortion is fast and easy and pregnancy and child birth is so hard, but abortion is even more painful and leaves wounds that do not go away.  We can help you through your pregnancy.

Post-Abortion Healing Rachel’s Vineyard 1-866-4-RACHEL

Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M.’s Statement on the USCCB Response to the HHS Insurance Mandate

The members of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Administrative Committee engaged in an extended discussion of the issue of religious freedom during our two-day meeting in Washington. Contrary to some media reports, the bishops are united in their vigorous opposition to the intrusive and coercive mandate and dubious “accommodation” proposed by the administration. Again, contrary to media reports, the bishops’ efforts are not focused on contraception but, rather, on the recent, dangerous and precedent-setting intrusion of the administration into and upon the religious freedom of people of all faiths in our nation. The implications of the administration’s actions are long-term and harmful to the deeply held convictions of the American people from the beginning of our history.  We bishops see these actions as an affront to the common good. The full statement can be found here.

News on Marriage

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