Support Your Parish

2015-16 Annual Report to Parishioners

Church envelopes

Newly registered parishioners receive temporary donation envelopes when first registering with the Parish.  Subsequently, envelopes are mailed directly to the home.  A month or two may elapse before these envelopes arrive.  Anyone who would like to receive donation envelopes should contact the Parish Office, 856-235-0181.

You can contribute weekly or once a month.  Weekly and monthly envelopes are mailed in a single packet each month.

Electronic Transfer Program

Our Lady of Good Counsel Church takes part in an Electronic Transfer Program so parishioners can have monthly donations debited directly from a bank account.  This eliminates the need to bring the donation to Mass. Click on the “Parish Giving” link below to register for our Electronic Giving Program. All information is confidential.

Parish Giving

Click here to preview a video of the system to see how it works before enrolling.