Academic Goals

Our Lady of Good Counsel School Academic Goals 2017-2018


1. Teachers will continue to implement small group models (guided reading/literature circles) to differentiate instruction. Observe in other schools and receive staff development. DSCF3934

2. Teachers will review and analyze standardized assessment results/data to determine achievement gaps and congruency with report card grades.

3. Develop Text Gradient to establish guided reading benchmarks for students – Grades 2/3. (In process).

4. Develop a hierarchy of technology skills establishing annual benchmarks for faculty.

5. Establish a committee to develop a checklist document benchmark folder to track student progress from grades 1-8.

6. Teachers will collaboratively analyze multiple literacy assessments to inform/adapt reading/writing instruction and practice.

7. Teachers will review and analyze program & teacher-made assessments/data to revisit instructional decisions planning.

8. Teachers will integrate technology as a tool to supplement and enrich curriculum.

9. By grade 8, students will develop content area presentations utilizing technology.

10. Develop and implement a school-wide system to log student performance pre & post work samples in Integrated Language Arts.

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