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Welcome to the Computer Lab…

This school year we will explore:

Parts of the Computer, Applications, Digital Citizenship, Online Searching, and Coding




 OLGC is introducing our students to the HOUR OF CODE !

Students will be introduced to coding (programming) through

and will participate in the international Hour of Code Dec 8-14.

(Click the link ABOVE to learn more)

vocab algorithm

New Vocabulary Word for Coding – ALGORITHM

Check out our student created games:

Coding Symbaloo




Students- Remember to check out the


main page for important and fun website links!

Look for additional Symbaloo Subject Webmixes to the right!



Also check out the online Portfolio of Student work:






Kindergarten-2nd - Younger students will learn keyboard layout this year as well as use MS Paint. See the Keyboarding Symbaloo at right for some practice sites.

Younger students learn a lot through Microsoft Paint – especially using fine motor skills while being creative.

Parents — please note that  all PC computers come with this application as part of Windows…(look in Start, Programs, Accessories…) so that children can practice at home. Students love this program and it really helps with their motor skills here in computer class!

They also love to visit the Starfall website for letter, phonics, and reading practice.

Some of their favorite websites are,, and

2nd GradeCODING

Students are learning the parts of the computer through our Computer Basics symbaloo.

Please Enjoy our 2nd grade “Story of the Nativity” video!



TYPING WEB – online typing tutorial & typing games

ALL Students should spend time using the online typing tutor at Typing Web; scores will be tallied on leaderboard for grades 3-7  (leaderboards are reset every week). There are also numerous fun typing sites found on the SYMBALOO keyboard webmix (at right column)  


3rd Grade –  CODING

Students are exploring the Biomes (ecosystems) of the world through guided research.

They have also researched Native American Tribes — finding information on locations, types of housing &  food, and other facts.

We are now finished our WEB of Me project in Paint – stay tuned for our finished work.
Students are now using TypingWeb and competing for the high scores on the class leader boards. 

4th Grade –  CODING

Students are trying their detective skills as we create our Mystery Bookmarks!

We are in full swing learning the basics of Coding, as part of the international Hour of Code program.

We are finished “Collage of Me” – portraits.  

5th Grade –   CODING

The 5th graders are leading the pack with their Coding skills–posting record number lines of codes and simple games (see link above to play).  KUDOS to Nicole S for top skills & 17 games to date.

Fact Finder – Safari Guide – due Monday 2/2

We are now beginning our unit on Biomes (EcoSystems) – a joint project with Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Casey — students will team up and research various Biomes and create commercials and Glogs highlighting the variety of beautiful and interesting places to live on this earth.

Instruction link here

 Check out this Science Symbaloo for research websites
 Click here to view completed Biome Tagxedos
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


 Research & Writing Resource Symbaloo

Middle School students (6-8) should practice keyboarding skills on their own.  They are also expected to have a Gmail account  or USB drive when the school year begins.
7th and 8th grade students will have tech essays due at three times during the school year. This is a mandatory assignment and due dates will be adhered to for a grade. Details are listed below.
6th/7th/8th Gr – Click here for Online Safety Tips: 6-8-familytip-safeonlinetalk
We celebrate Digital Learning day every day! Share your Favorite APPS, Websites, Digital Tools in the…


Please share your favorites on the WallWisher page…here
ALL 6-8 grade students should check Google accounts, Glogster,  and Edmodo Join Codes.

6th Grade -CODING

Students are finished their unit on Ancient Egypt as they work in teams to research various topics on the culture.

Typed facts should be emailed to Mrs. Casey before next class (12/18) — use Social Studies Symbaloo for a great website source).

We are also collaborating with Mrs. Goeke and Mrs. Christ to create digital story books on Fractured Fairy Tales.


In addition, students will use current media (news papers, magazines, websites) to find a current event in technology. Write a description of the news item and describe its impact. Current Event Technology paper guide.  DUE 2/5/15


Newspapers are finished – they will be uploaded to the Eportflio shortly.

Remember to join our Edmodo class & check your Google Credentials.





7th Grade - CODING

Students are creating Stop Motion Animation movies for their unit on Cells.

Students choose a Person/Event from American Revolution listing. Go to website Bighugelabs and create a Trading Card for your choice. There are several website resources on the Social Studies webmix (at right).   If not done in class, please email .jpg to Mrs.Casey before next class on Jan 9.

Click here to view completed Revolutionary War Trading cards

 Christmas TAGxedos should be emailed to Mrs. Casey by 12/12. (250 jpg)



8th Grade -  Coding

History of Technology:

Student teams will define and put into chronological order the list of terms given to them  (Google docs is suggested for sharing work among team mates).  Docs are due by the end of class 1/12/15.

Person of Historical significance in the field of computing – create a Tagxedo and submit (as 250 JPG) (email jpg file to Mrs Casey)

TAGXEDO – Choose a person of significance in Computer history.
**see Tech History symbaloo on my page
25 word minimum (all words relate to invention/person)
Shape also relates to person or invention

Click here to view Tech Tagxedos

Tech History Symbaloo

DiscoveryEd Board Builders will be used for final presentations on Topic – please log in to DE account for assignment.

All Boards should be “Shared” with Mrs. Casey – DUE Mon 12/8

I have uploaded some Google Search instruction Infographics in your folders.


Essays may be submitted through MarkUp at:


7th Grade Tech Essay due dates:
*Work MAY be turned in early — But NO WORK will be accepted LATE for this project.*
8th Grade Tech Essay due dates:

Technology Essay Guidelines

*Work MAY be turned in early — But NO WORK will be accepted LATE for this project.*

Contact Mrs. Casey:


Parents please be aware of the policy here in Computer Class…

Students are responsible for their own work.  If a child is absent on a class day, it is his or her own responsibility to find out what was missed and the work that is due. Work may be submitted to me via email if there is a problem printing it out at home.

5-8 grade students are encouraged to use Google Docs for their assignments.

PLEASE save work as either TXT or RTF files.  Students may use flash drives to transport work between home and school.

Homework is NOT an OPTION for this class. If an assignment is given, then it is expected that students will get the work done within that week’s time.  Work turned in more than a week late will receive a grade penalty. Work turned in more than 2 weeks late will not be accepted. 




Please click to visit the CommonSense website for information on children and Digital Literacy & Citizenship. 

Click here for Internet Safety Tip Sheets:



Check out the WONDERful website, WONDEROPOLIS – chock  full of wonderful facts and information!



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